Spring Hours Bring Summer POWER!

Your Orangetheory Fitness Clermont family is here to help you bloom into the powerful individual we know you can be.

You’ve heard it again and again. Fitness isn’t about fad dieting—it’s about adopting healthy lifestyle habits. Call it cliché, but don’t just let it go in one ear and out the other. In reality, your fitness goals are a journey. Whether you’re trying to achieve and maintain a healthy weight or build speed and endurance for your first 5K, it takes time and commitment to get there. Your results started the first day you stepped into the Orange Zone, but this is just the beginning.

We know what you’re capable of, and we’re here to keep you motivated and burning strong every step and row of the way. As we start burning for summer bodies and summer strength, here are some tips and inspiring Orangetheory transformation stories that will help us pick up the pace and go all out for our goals.

Stay motivated with these Orangetheory Fitness tips:
  • Set a goal. Evaluate your current fitness level and set a feasible goal. Whether you want to trim your mile run or 1,000-meter rowing time or you want to drop 5 pounds by next month, achieving goals is about clarity, will power, and focus. When you set a goal, write it down somewhere you can see it, and work a little each day to reach that goal.
  • Schedule a regular workout time. Pick your favorite time of day to exercise and make it a habit. Be realistic: If you’re not a morning person, don’t set yourself up for failure by scheduling a class at 6:00 AM. Your life, your schedule, your Orangetheory workout, your fitness.
  • Think fun! Get involved with your Orangetheory Clermont family and participate in our events, from the Weight Loss Challenge to OTF Marathon. You’ll make wonderful connections and build friendships with people who are all on a similar fitness journey. We don’t call you guys our Fit Fam for nothing!
  • Reach out for support. When we embark on a journey in our lives or start a new project, it can really help to tell friends and family what we’re going through. Not only will these people immediately support our goals, but sharing goals with others helps hold us accountable for these promises we’ve made.
  • Stick with people who cheer you on. That’s easy here at Orangetheory Fitness in Clermont, Florida! Our coaches are personally invested in your fitness journey and are happy to help guide you, motivate you, cheer you on, and push you. They know when you totally crush a workout.
  • Reward yourself. Whether it’s a pair of trendy new jeans you’ve been admiring at the mall or an occasional indulgence from your favorite restaurant, you deserve to treat yourself.
  • Remember why you started. Life gets tough sometimes, and sometimes we start to lose sight of what motivated us to adopt a healthy lifestyle in the first place. But remember your goals, focus on how important this is, and reflect on how far you’ve come. Look through old photos and see how much you’ve changed. Visit your doctor’s office for a health assessment. Meet up with old friends and let them admire all your hard work. At Orangetheory Fitness we strive for progress. It’s not about the before and after, it’s about the before and now.

Check out these Orangetheory transformations and step up your game:

Like many of our Orangetheory Fitness Clermont success stories, these members didn’t blossom overnight.

Jack from Creekside, Canada, has reached his current fitness level at the steady pace of a year and a half. You look great, Jack. Keep burning!

Michael of Boca Raton, Florida, lost 35 pounds by heading to Orangetheory 4 times a week for 6 months—and he is STILL burning. Way to go, Mike!

Natalie of La Jolla, California, dropped 33 pounds in just one year. Burning for your pre-baby weight is completely realistic at Orangetheory Fitness!

In one year, Eric and Shannon have lost a combined weight of 50 pounds! We’re so glad they’re part of the Orangetheory team.

Keep in mind that change takes time. If you ask any of our members how they’re feeling today, not one of them will say they regret having embarked on this challenging yet powerful journey for a healthy and fit life.

Ready to start your own journey at Orangetheory Fitness? This April, give us the hours and we’ll give you the POWER to change your life. Sign up now: http://bit.ly/2mPqtA6


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